Home Remedies for Sunburn

Soothe and heal the sunburned skin with the most effective home remedies for sunburn.

What is good to put on sunburn?

Here are nine of the simple to use home remedies:

1 – Over-the-counter

Use simple over-the-counter medication such as an anti-inflammatory like aspirin or ibuprofen. This type of medication can soon help to relieve some of the symptoms related to pain and redness.

Just 15 minutes of sun exposure can lead to sunburn for the most sunburn-prone individuals.

2 – Cool shower

A cool shower after arriving home is certain to benefit those that have been lounging at the beach or pool. Cool, fresh water is great at soothing the sun-scorched skin plus it helps to remove the salt and chlorine build-up. Avoid leaving the salt or chlorine in place because this can quickly dry out the damaged skin.

3 – Lotion Up

Use a rich moisturizer to help control the sun-scorched skin. Apply Lubriderm or Eucerin can work wonders to help relieve the pain and minimize peeling. But, avoid the lotions that contain hydroxy acids, retinol, or similar anti-aging chemicals to avoid excessively drying out the skin and causing more redness.

Sunburn is still possible on cloudy days because the UV rays can penetrate through them.

4 – Cold water

A cold water compress is a simple solution. Simply place a cloth soaked in cold water (ice cubes can be used) over the affected area of skin. Continue to dip the cloth in cold water every so often to maintain the cool temperature. Leave the cloth in place for 10-15 minutes and repeat the application several times daily.

5 – Aluminum acetate

Use the aluminum acetate rich Domeboro’s powder packets (or similar) with water to help relieve a lot of the itchiness. This type of powder is great at stopping the skin from getting overly itchy or dry.

Use sunscreen that is water resistant or waterproof and filters out both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays for best results.

6 – Witch hazel

Apply witch hazel to a moist cloth and apply to the affected area of sunburn for instant relief. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties which can give long-term soothing comfort. Repeat as required. Alternatively, use a cotton ball on the small areas of sunburn.

7 – Cool Down

A cold compress is the perfect solution for treating the localized burn. A cloth soaked in 50% ice water and 50% cool milk can help to provide instant relief. Leave the cloth in place until it no longer feels cool to the skin. Repeat the process as required. Milk is rich in proteins, pH levels, and coolness to really help soothe the skin. Alternatively, use cold green tea compresses to help reduce inflammation and UV damage.

Mid-day is the time to go inside because this is when you are most likely to burn.

8 – Fight Infection

One of the other home remedies for sunburn is to use an antibacterial ointment on the minor blistered areas to get relief from the sun-scorched skin. Repeat the application up to 3 times daily. Avoid popping the blisters because this can result in infection. For the large blisters, make sure to visit the doctor to get professional advice and treatment.

9 – Loosen Up

Wear clothing with natural-fibers that is loose fitting. This is especially important if the skin is sore and likely to peel. Avoid synthetic material because it is more likely to rub and irritate the recently burned skin.

In summary

Using the right natural remedy for sunburn is certain to help give fast and effective relief to the sun-scorched skin.


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