Home Remedies for Headache

Headaches can be treated without a doctor’s prescription and there a many home remedies to help find the desired relief.

How do you make a headache go away?

Here are seven home remedies for headache:

1 – Lavender Oil

Lavender is useful home remedy for headache. Its oil has a great smell and is easily applied topically or inhaled. Relieving a headache or migraine pain is achieved by inhaling lavender oil vapors or inhaling (2 cups of water / 2 drops of oil). Lavender oil is safe to apply externally without first needing to dilute. Avoid taking lavender oil orally.

2 – Peppermint Oil

Relieve the tension headaches with a soothing home remedy using peppermint oil. This type of oil is rich in vaso-dilating and vaso-constricting properties, which are useful for increasing the natural blood flow. Most migraine and headaches are caused by low blood flow and peppermint can reverse this condition. A peppermint home remedy for headache is effective at opening the sinuses to get a richer stream of oxygen in the blood.

3 – Basil Oil

Basil is an herb with a strong scent and perfect for topping pastas or pizzas, and smells and tastes great. A useful home remedy for headache is the oil taken from the basil herb. Basil is great at relaxing the muscles and helpful for treating the headache related to tight muscles and tension.

4 – Diet

A natural remedy to treat headaches is to improve the all-round diet plan. Certain food can increase the risk of experiencing migraine pain and headaches, including:

  • An amino acid in red wine
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy
  • Certain fruits (avocado, banana, and citrus)
  • Foods with monosodium glutamate (MSG);
  • Foods with tyramine
  • Foods that is pickled or fermented
  • Meats with nitrates (bacon and hot dogs)
  • Onions
  • Peanut butter

Try to keep a record of food that leads to a negative reaction which should make it easier to avoid in the future.

5 – Scalp massage

A DIY scalp massage can go a long way to help relieve the headache pain. The best area to massage is the greater occipital nerve, which is situated at the rear of the head. A do-it-yourself massage is one of the most useful home remedy for headache.

6 – Flaxseed

Flaxseed is useful for its rich content of omega-3 fatty acids. This can help to relieve the signs of inflammation which can lead to a headache. Plus, the remedy is available in a variety of forms, such as whole seeds, ground, or oil-based.

7 – Buckwheat

Buckwheat is rich in rutin, which is a flavonoid known for its ability to help relieve the systems of migraine pain and headaches. Phytochemicals like flavonoids are sourced from plants and are reported to include healthful antioxidant properties which help to reverse cell damage. Plus, the flavonoids can also help relieve the discomfort associated with inflammation, which is a major reason for headaches to develop.

In summary

There are many natural home remedies for headache that are effective at treating this condition. By taking a simple approach of improving the diet plan it is possible to not only reduce the outbreak of headaches but also improve the all-round health and well-being.


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