Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Most outbreaks of diaper rash are usually treated with one of the at-home remedies.

What is good for diaper rash?

Here are nine of the most useful home remedies for diaper rash:

1 – Change diapers

Just changing the diapers for a different brand can help treat the diaper rash in certain situations. Diapers can contain certain substances and made of materials that the baby is sensitive to. If other at-home remedies aren’t effective at treating the condition, experimenting with several different brands might be the most effective option.

Diaper rash is mainly caused by poo, and not wee.

2 – Cornstarch

Avoid using cornstarch if the suspected problem is believed to relate to yeast. In situations like this, the cornstarch is more likely to perpetuate and feed the yeast-based rash. A preferred alternative is certain to include a clay-based remedy.

3 – Creams

Baby creams with active ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide can help to soothe the irritated skin. Some of the branded products include Destin, Balmex, and Triple Paste. Also, apply petroleum jelly to avoid issues with the creams sticking to the diaper.

Diaper rash can appear on more places than just the bottom, including creases of skin, lower back and legs.

4 – Jellies

A low-cost option to relieve the discomfort includes jellies like Vaseline. But, most of the jellies are quite difficult to wash off and can stick to items of cloth-based diapers.

5 – Keep it clean

The most basic remedy to avoid the initial outbreak is to keep the baby’s diaper clean and dry. Make sure to clean the entire area with a squirt of water (avoid the chemical-based wipes on irritated skin) and a soft cloth. Plus, when putting on the fresh diaper it benefits to keep it loose. Use a mild soap solution when bathing the baby and avoid rubbing the area dry, instead gently pat dry.

Regularly changing the diaper won’t stop the rash entirely (other action is also needed).

6 – Kefir

Use kefir in a similar fashion to applying regular diaper cream. Only use the kefir on the clean and dry skin. Plus, it can be diluted with coconut oil if it makes the baby feel uncomfortable. Initially, the application can take place at each change, and slowly changes to as and when required.

7 – Oatmeal Bath

One more of the home remedies for diaper rash is to soothe the entire area of the baby’s rash using an oatmeal bath. The preparation for the bath is quite simple: blend ¾ cup of fresh oatmeal until a flour-like consistency is reached. Add this to the bath water. Let the baby soak in the water for about 10-12 minutes.

8 – Tea tree oil

Similar to coconut oil, tea tree oil can act much-like a natural anti-fungal agent. Use a solution of 2 tbsp of coconut oil with 5 drops tea tree oil. Avoid applying this solution undiluted because there is the change of burning the baby’s sensitive skin.

9 – Vinegar

A vinegar solution is a great at–home remedy to treat skin complaints caused by stale urine. A simple vinegar solution helps to neutralize the effects of the urine. To use this solution, add a ½ cup of vinegar (white) to the water used to clean the diapers. Alternatively, for the disposable diapers, the solution can be applied directly to the baby’s skin. A 1 part vinegar / 8 part water solution is the best remedy.


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