Toothache can range from mild and sharp to excruciating and chronic.

But the irritating and aching pain of toothache is short-lived with help from pain-relieving gel, acetaminophen, aspirin or a well-chosen natural remedy.

23 home remedies to help alleviate the pain of toothache

1 – Tea Tree Oil

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil help to alleviate the pain of toothache. Saturate a swab of cotton in tea tree oil and place it directly against the injured tooth. Alternatively, create a mouthwash using lukewarm water and tea tree oil and swish it around the mouth.

2 – Plantain

Chew on raw plantain leaves and once macerated direct the leaves to the aching area of the mouth to sooth the aching toothache.

3 – Garlic

A clove of garlic (or garlic powder) can give instant pain relief from toothache. Garlic with a little black salt or table salt pressed against the affected tooth offers immense relief. Garlic contains medicinal properties and antibiotics that are efficient at slowing the rate of bacterial.

4 – Tea

Press a tea bag (still warm) against the achy tooth to get instant pain relief. Tea includes a natural ingredient known as tannins which helps to numb sensitive pain.

5 – Asafetida

Use grounded (or powered) asafetida and lemon juice to create an instant cure for dental ache. Soak cotton wool with the solution and apply to the affected area of the mouth. Also, fried asafetida in clarified butter is used to create instant relief for tooth cavities.

6 – Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint leaves offer similar soothing properties to oil of cloves (but more palatable). Chew on two or three fresh peppermint leaves until wet and place directly on the painful tooth.

7 – Salt Water

A mouthwash of warm water and common salt (1/2 tbsp) can create a soothing solution for treating a toothache. Let the table salt dissolve in the water, than general swirl the water/salt mixture in the mouth. Repeat as required. A salt water remedy is perfect to fight bacteria and reduces swelling as soon as the mouthwash reaches the nerves.

8 – Cloves

Oil of cloves or clove oil is a gentle anesthetic (Warning: a high intake can be toxic) and applying to the area of the affected tooth offers almost instant soothing from the tooth ache. Alternatively, use oil of oregano as a close second to sooth the paining tooth. Cloves contain anesthetic, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to fight infection and alleviate tooth pain.

9 – Ginger Root

Chew on a freshly peeled ginger root to quickly subside a painful toothache. Repeat as needed using a fresh piece of ginger.

10 – Onion

Place raw onion on the affected bad tooth or gum (or simply chew raw onion) for approx 3 minutes to kill all germs and relieve pain in the mouth. Use freshly cut onions to ensure it still contains its juice. Onions contain antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that can help kill the infection-causing germs and discomfort associated with toothache.

11 – Lime

Lime is rich in vitamin C which helps to control toothache and prevent tooth decay. Bite down on a slice of unpeeled lime to release the natural juice to quickly relieve tooth ache.

12 – Vanilla Extract

Soak a cotton pad with vanilla extract and hold against the aching tooth to offer instant relief. Other options like lemon extract, peppermint extract, and almond extract can offer similar results.

13 – Alcohol

Saturate a cotton ball in alcohol (vodka, brandy, scotch, whiskey, etc) and place against the aching tooth and let it sit. Repeat as needed.

14 – Guava Leaves

Guava leaves offer a variety of options to alleviate tooth ache. Chew one or two fresh leaves to extract the natural juice to sooth the pain. Alternatively, create a mouthwash by boiling four or five leaves in water. Leave to cool and add a salt prior to use. Raw spinach leaves make a perfect substitute for guava leaves if not readily available.

15 – Potato

Potato includes anti-inflammatory properties that absorb excess moisture to relieve the toothache related inflammation. Cut a slice of raw potato (skin removed) and bite down — leave in place for 10 to 12 minutes (or until it starts to dry out). Alternatively, mix a mashed potato with table salt to create a paste like material. Coat the affected tooth to relieve the pain.

16 – Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice contains natural antibacterial properties to help relieve the pain associated with toothache and dental decay. Extract the fresh juice from wheatgrass and use it to create a mouthwash. Wheatgrass juice helps keep infections under control, reduces the growth of bacterial, and draws out toxins from the gums.

17 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Saturate a piece of cotton wool with apple cider vinegar (or substitute with plain vinegar) and place against the affected tooth unit the pain subsides. ACV isn’t pleasant to taste, but does offer great pain relief.

18 – Cucumber

Slice a fresh cucumber (at room temperature) to get small-size chunks to place against the sore tooth. Alternatively, mash one or two chunks of cucumber and combine with salt to produce a paste. Pack this against the aching tooth for relief from the pain.

19 – Ice Cube

Ice cubes help to sooth toothache by numbing the gums and nerves. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a thin cloth and place against the side of the mouth experiencing the tooth pain. Don’t hold a ice pack directly on the tooth if exposed nerves are a likely issue.

20 – Hydrogen Peroxide

Use hydrogen peroxide like a mouthwash and swish around the mouth. Diluting this chemical compound can help to slightly improve the taste.

21 – Cayenne Pepper

Ground cayenne pepper (or substitute with black pepper) with water and pepper to form a paste like substance. Apply the paste directly to the affected tooth to relieve the pain.

22 – Baking Soda

Moisten a piece of cotton wool and dip in baking soda (ensure a generous coating is applied) then place against the affected tooth for progressive pain relieve. Alternatively, create a mouthwash by mixing a glass of warm water with 1 tbsp of baking soda. Leave to dissolve and swish the liquid around the mouth.

23 – Bark of Bayberry

Make a thick paste from plain vinegar and bayberry bark and apply to the affected tooth for quick relief of pain.

If you do not get the desired pain relief from using these remedies, make sure to book an appointment with a local dentist as soon as possible. Most of the gum or dental issues need treatment that is more aggressive than possible with the soothing home remedies.