Red Onions

Onions are full of fiber and sulfur compounds that the body needs.

Onions are very similar to garlic in properties, but also include phytochemicals known as flavonoids.

These phytochemicals help with the function of vitamin C, decrease inflammation and improve blood vessel integrity. At the same time, the cardiovascular system is better supported. Colon cancer and tumor growth can also be reduced due to quercetin, one of the flavonoids.

There is also a large amount of chromium in the vegetable, which helps cells responds to any insulin in the body. If you eat green onions, you will also find a boost in vitamin A in the body.

Here are some of the biggest health benefits to eating onions:

1 – Oral Health

Onions can fight against infections and tooth decay. Just chewing on a raw onion for a couple of minutes can help reduce the amount of germs in the mouth.

Over 9.3 million acres of fertile farm land is used for the production of onions.

2 – Reduce Heart Ailment Risks

Cardiovascular and heart diseases are usually caused from blood clots. Onions can help to prevent the red blood cells from clotting by thinning the blood.

3 – Clearer Skin

Acne can be treated by onion juice mixed with olive oil or honey.

4 – Reduce Cough Symptoms

Mixing onion juice and honey will help to relieve cough symptoms and sore throats.

Nearly 74 million tons of onions are harvested worldwide annually, with China (20 million tons), Egypt, United States, and India the largest producers.

5 – Help With Stomach Aches

Gastro syndromes and stomach aches can be relieved due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in onions.

6 – Improve Earache

Some cultures place onion juice on cotton wool and place it in the ear. This helps to stop ringing and reduces earache.

7 – Treat Anemia

Due to the high iron content, onions can help treat anemia.

On average, Americans eat about 18.7 lbs of fresh onions each year.

8 – Lower Cholesterol

Just half an onion a day will help to prevent heart attacks and lower the cholesterol levels.

9 – Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Onions have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to reduce gout, arthritis and other conditions.

10 – Fight Bacteria

They also have anti-septic qualities, which helps to fight off infections. These include salmonella and E.coli. They can also help against cystitis and other urinary tract infections, as well as TB.

An average sized whole onion has about 30 calories.

11 – Lower Blood Pressure

The blood pressure is lowered by eating cooked and raw onions. The blood can also thin, which helps with reducing blood clot risks.

12 – Reduce Cancer Risks

The active compounds in onions help to fight against cancerous cells developing. They are full of fructo-oligosaccharides, which stimulate good bacteria growth within the colon. This can help reduce the chances of tumors growing in this area.

13 – Help with Constipation

Those who deal with chronic constipation or flatulence can find onions relief the discomforts.

Yellow, while, and red are the three most common onions; 75% of the world’s production of onions is the yellow variety.

14 – Improve Diabetes

Diabetics will find that the chromium in onions helps with the response to insulin. It can improve the tolerance to glucose.

15 – Boost the Immune System

The blood circulates better, which helps with sweating. This is great for fighting off infections and reducing fevers. Onions can also help to prevent getting ill.

16 – Diuretic and Blood Cleansing

Eat onions to counter gout, arthritis, urinary gravel and fluid retention.

Onions are the 6th most popular vegetable crop in the world.

17 – Respiratory

A daily intake of onion juice and honey (3 or 4 tbsp) can stop the buildup of mucus and prevent its formation in the future. It is effective as a preventive measure to protect against the common cold.

18 – Sexual Activity

White onions can help to increase sexual urge and maintain an active sex life. Onions are a potent aphrodisiac and stand very close behind garlic.

19 – Urinary Tract Infection

Onions contain anti-bacterial properties which help relieve the sensation of burning in urination. Drink the onion water to appreciate the full benefits of this remedy.

Only 8% of the global onion production in intended for trade.


Insect Repellent

Fresh onion juice or paste is highly effective at treating honey-bee bites, scorpion strings and insect bites. Use as an external application to get instant relieve from the pain.

Types of Onions

Onions differ in relation to taste, color and size. Small onions come in many different variations, such as the shallots, leeks, and chives. Storage onions have a pungent flavor and grown in cool climate conditions. They are named by color: red, yellow or white. Spring onions have a much sweeter and milder taste and grown in warm climates.

Nutrition Facts

  1. A 100g serving of onions includes 1.4-g fiber and 44 calories.
  2. Onions contain dietary fiber, iron, potassium, sodium, vitamins A, B6, C and E and natural sugar.
  3. Eat onions for a great source of folic acid.


Classic French Onion Soup (Video)


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